Lap and beyond

Shirt #4, egg tempera on panel, 16x16 inches, 2002

The series "Lap and Beyond" is composed by small egg-tempera paintings in which the female protagonist mediates her rapport with us by means of a range of objects. The paintings were conceived in groups yet presented separately. Each group represents a moment in a short narrative, in which a woman wearing a late 60s patterned dress, holds and displays an object, looks at it in absorbed manner or offers it to us. The generic moments represented in each image carry the tension of what just happened and what is about to develop. Through them, we are implicated in an act of acceptance/refusal and desire, both covetous and promising. Just like art, these objects embody the elusive ability to transform their beholders. They do this not only through their practical functions, but also through their cultural and ideological contents.

This series was exhibited at the Clifford•Smith Gallery in Boston, The Drawing Center, L.F.L Gallery, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery in New York and the Rowan University Gallery, New Jersey between 2001 and 2004