If possible, I would be grateful if you could bring me another plastic knife as the other one already broke. Charcoal on paper, 30 x 22 inches, 2008

Néquim (Daniel Joaquim de Sousa Teixeira) died on October 24 1968 at age 22. At the time, he was a political prisioner at the infamous Caxias prison, near Lisbon, Portugal. In April of 1974 a military coup put an end to 40 years of dictatorship. Unlike other victims of the Portuguese political police, Daniel Teixeira was never recognized, and is seldom remembered. This project includes: A series of large charcoal drawings, each based on one sentence from the letters that Daniel wrote from prison to his father. These drawings represent the travels of his mind, during the times of captivity. A second series of small drawings made with blue ball-point pen and inkjet stamps on vintage stationary paper, similar to the one used in the letters. As fictional documents, they integrate the introspective reality of his life in prison with the symbols and traces of political censorship. A web-based documentary archive (www.nequim.com) that gathers the letters that he wrote from prison, as well as all the documents related to Daniel's life, the revolutionary organization to which he belonged, the operation that led to his arrest, his death and its aftermath. This archive includes personal documents and photos, and extensive documentation from the archives of the PIDE, former Portuguese political police. A book that gathers artwork and documental material, functions as a summary of the project.

This project was exhibited at the PLMJ Foundation in October/November 2008